Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood is a well respected restaurant in Singapore. I have been several times and have found that respect well earned. The food is great. The service is decent but not as good as I would hope for.

Recently I enjoyed a very nice set lunch at S$38 lunch on Clarke Quay (I also took in the Dreams and Reality exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum, that day). Not cheap, but very good value for the cost in my opinion. The meal started with a set of 3 appetizers including chilled jellyfish which interested me. If someone told me the jellyfish was just noodles I would not have know the difference. I can’t say the jellyfish was very tasty, but it was nice to have tried it.

photo of jellyfish and two other appetizers

Jellyfish and two other appetizers at Jumbo Seafood

The corn soup with fresh fungus, and other appetizers where very tasty. The Lobster was also excellent.

photo of lobster tail entre

Lobster tail - which was great.

I realized after I left I never received my Mango pudding (which was suppose to come with the meal). As I mentioned service leaves a bit to be desired. Still the food is easily worth the visit and I look forward to returning.

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