Megazip Adventure Park, Sentosa Island

For those looking for adrenaline rush, Megazip Adventure Park is the best place to go. Featuring various activities that offer different levels of extremity push yourself to the limit and try any one or all the activities in store for you.

Located at the top of Imbiah Hilltops, the park creates a unique and challenging adventure for tourists with guidance from specialists in this field.

This is considered Asia’s most extreme adrenaline pumping zip line experience for adventure hungry tourists. Slide from the top of Imbiah Hill through the jungle canopy of 75 meters high and 450 meters sliding at a speed of 50 kmph.

MegaZip Adventure Park

MegaZip Adventure Park by alantankenghoe

This consists of high rope course where visitors need to cross while at 15 meters above the ground. Cross from one Eucalyptus tree to another while crossing through various rope courses.

Megazip on 26 March 2011

Megazip by 24seven Communications

Overcome your fear of height and fear of falling. The Parajump is developed in UK where visitors will climb up 50 feet from the ground for the dropoff point for the Parajump.

Test you skill in climbing wall with the 16 meter wall climb considered the highest challenging wall climb in Singapore.

Megazip on 26 March 2011 by 24seven Communications

Watch the video to have an idea of what Megazip Adventure has to offer.

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Manchester United Said to Plan $1B Singapore IPO

Singapore’s finance sector continues to do extremely well. Singapore and Hong Kong continue to battle for Asian financial center leadership (even over Toyko and mainland China). This is a sign of Singapore’s rising financial status in a way that will catch the notice of many football fans around the globe. But it is only a visible manifestation of continued long term success in the financial community. Manchester United Said to Plan $1B Singapore IPO:

United says it’s the most-supported team in the world, with a club-sponsored survey revealing a global following of more than 330 million. The Glazers’ commercial operation, led by former J.P. Morgan banker Edward Woodward, has secured global sponsorship and licensing agreements that have led to annual revenue doubling to about 300 million pounds in six years.

The club has chosen Asia for its IPO because of its popularity in the region, one of the people said. The team has fan clubs in countries such as Thailand, Singapore and South Korea and a supporter base there of 190 million. It’s been searching for real estate in the region in an effort to boost its commercial operations.

Singapore boasts Asia’s highest concentration of millionaires and a United-themed restaurant.

Recently Singapore’s national team moved forward to the next round of World Cup qualifying with a tie of Malaysia (they beat Malaysia 4-1 earlier). Singapore’s team is ranking 131st in the world.

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